Turkish navy sees with 'national eyes'

ASELSAN ended foreign dependency with the national electro-optical systems it developed within the scope of Denizgözü Product Family, and increased the capabilities of Turkey's "guards at sea" with high-performance technologies.

13 June 2022

Naval platforms, which take part in the security of the blue homeland, provide vision with nationally developed electro-optical systems.

According to the information received by the AA correspondent, ASELSAN creates electro-optical systems with superior capabilities through studies on the design and production of thermal systems, laser rangefinder, laser pointer, laser warning systems, day vision cameras and night vision devices with image intensifiers.

In this way, it is possible for users to gain superiority over the counter elements in natural weather conditions such as night, fog and haze, where visibility is poor or limited, and in battlefield conditions such as dust, smoke, fire and camouflage. With laser systems, high-level opportunities are provided to the user in areas such as distance finding, guidance, countermeasures, active imaging and detection.

Electro-optical systems developed by ASELSAN have wide application areas in land, air and sea platforms.

The need for marine electro-optical systems was met by adapting the solutions developed for land and air platforms to marine vehicles until recently. However, this resulted in limited performance of the systems at sea. On the other hand, due to the limited number of manufacturers in the world in this field, high costs and long delivery times were encountered in the procurement of the needed systems.

In order to prevent all these negativities, ASELSAN has started working to create a Denizgözü Product Family in the field of electro-optical systems since 2014. With the national systems to be developed, it was aimed to meet the electro-optical system needs of the Turkish and allied navies.

Developed with domestic and national capabilities in a short time, high-performance electro-optical products such as Octopus, Swallow, Grouper and Seagull began to serve in different types of marine vehicles, from boats to Turkey's largest military ship TCG Anadolu. Electro-optical systems in the ASELSAN Denizgözü Product Family are still used in 6 large ships, approximately 50 boats and unmanned sea vehicles used for port defense purposes. Giant ships, which are "blind" in a sense, see with national systems.

The systems in question almost talk to the other system on the ship with the integration studies carried out, and perform basic functions such as creating a common shooting scenario with the fire control system, transferring visual information to other ship and self-defense systems.

Top of the sea is ok, it's time for submarines

While radars undertake the main task of protecting the ship from enemy elements, radar activity should be minimized in cases where anti-radiation and anti-ship missiles are in the battlefield. In this case, the importance of solutions such as the Piri Infrared Search and Tracking System and Octopus developed for naval platforms emerge. With these systems, the ship's self-defense is maximized and the ship can protect itself with completely passive systems that do not broadcast to the outside. By transferring the protection information to systems such as the close air defense system, it is ensured that the danger is eliminated.

ASELSAN is able to meet all the needs of the Coast Guard and Naval Forces in the field of electro-optics with the work it carries out. Finally, ASELSAN, which nationalized the thermal cameras used in submarine periscopes, started to create solution sets for submarines as well.

As a result of the studies that started in 2014, the company developed the Denizgözü Product Family to cover submarine, surface and coastal surveillance and became able to respond to all needs. As of 2022, it has been reached the point where maximum benefit is obtained from the R&D and technology development studies carried out in this field.

A solution to armed unmanned marine vehicles is on the way

ASELSAN has started to focus on solutions that will meet new needs, starting from its experience in this field.

With the rapid development in armed and unarmed unmanned naval vehicles, electro-optical systems are needed that can serve in these vehicles.

4 consortiums are working in Turkey for reconnaissance-surveillance and unmanned naval vehicles that can engage enemy elements.


ASELSAN, which offers the Denizgözü-Swallow electro-optical reconnaissance and surveillance system for unarmed unmanned sea vehicles, is trying to bring the marine type of CATS in unmanned aerial vehicles used abroad to the country with its self-sourced R&D project.


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